Who Are We





Teyseer Services Company operates through Technical Service Agreement with UNIVERSAL SODEXHO, the world leader in Management Services operating in more than 75 countries throughout the world.

Our Universal Sodexho Company is a community that includes clients, customers, employees and shareholders. Our purpose is to exceed their expectations.

Our business focus: We will continue our focus on achieving organic growth in earning and revenues, while contributing to the economic health of the countries where we provide our services. When all of our employees are committed to growth, then growth happens.

Our Mission : Improve the Quality of Daily Life.

Our Objective : Universal Sodexho aims to be the benchmark company wherever we offer our services throughout the world.


Our Core Values Our Key Success Factors



  • Service Spirit

  • Team Spirit

  • Spirit of progress


  • Tailored services to suit clients requirements,

  • Well motivated, professional team working towards clients satisfaction,

  • Central base to support our different activities.


  • Trust

  • Respect for people

  • Transparency

  • Business Integrity


Our aim is to provide you with the best products and service for the value of your money